Very Little Stars - 0 fotos

Music “The Alley” by DeVotchKa.
Photographed and edited by Ben Wiggins.
By Timelapse, Inc.

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Between the Raindrops - 0 fotos

A collection of time lapse photography of Ireland by Peter Cox – showery weather can lead to some dramatic skies.


The birds of Spain - 0 fotos


After many hours of hard work, throughout continental Spain (I leave the islands for the next time), I managed to edit this short film about the birds of my beloved country. Living and working in the richest European country regarding birds, I tried to film some of the Spanish specialities, mainly for non-Spanish birders. With so many different habitats and species, I had to move, driving to special locations sometimes separated more than 1000 km. The good thing was that after so many years birdwatching and working with birds, I really knew pretty well where to look for…

Mainly shot with Canon HDLRS cameras and 400 5.6 lens (sometimes plus 1.4x and 2x III).

Music by Armand Amar (thank you again):

Main locations:
- Riglos and Valle de Tena (Pyrenees, Huesca)
- Bardenas Reales (Navarra)
- Montes de Toledo and Andújar (Jaén)
- Albufera de Valencia and Dénia
- Tablas de Daimiel (Ciudad Real) and Doñana (Huelva)
- Coast of Murcia and Almeria

Species list: (order by appearance)
- Bubo bubo, Gypaetus barbatus, Tichodroma muraria, Chersophilus duponti, Otis tarda, Falco naumanni, Pterocles orientalis, Bucanetes githagineus, Cercotrichas galactotes, Aquila adalberti, Sylvia hortensis, Aegypius monachus, Cyanopica cyana, Galerida theklae, Sturnus unicolor, Dryocopus martius, Dendrocopos leucotos, Phylloscopus bonelli, Serinus citrinella, Montifringilla nivalis, Pyrrhocorax graculus, Prunella collaris, Luscinia svecica, Merops apiaster, Upupa epops, Circus pygargus, Larus genei, Porphyrio porphyrio, Oxyura leucocephala, Marmaronetta angustirostris, Phoenicopterus ruber-Platalea leucorodia, Grus grus.

Hermit Crab Migration - 0 fotos

A great job by Steve Simonsen thank you to Pam.

Purely Pacific Northwest - 0 fotos

A great job by John Eklund, photographer from Portland, Oregon. Who show us the beautiful NW region of the US with some time lapse photography.

Various locations include …
Mt. Shuksan, Crater Lake, Mt. Bachelor, Mount St. Helens, Oregon’s Badlands, Painted Hills, Cape Kiwanda, Mt. Hood, Lost lake, and Cannon Beach
I started this project in July 2011 and shot the final scene in August 2012. I took approximately 260,000 images. I used 6.3 TB of hard drive space.
Canon 5D Mark II – Pro Photo Supply
Canon 5D Mark III (x2) – Pro Photo Supply
Canon 24mm f/1.4 L II – Pro Photo Supply
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II – Pro Photo Supply
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L – Pro Photo Supply
F-Stop Tilopa Backpack – F Stop Gear
Stage Zero Dolly – Dynamic Perception
Stage One Dolly – Dynamic Perception
Gitzo GT3541LS (x2) – BH Photo

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The beauty of the Irrational - 0 fotos

Human beings don’t always make rational decisions. But making irrational decisions is precisely what makes us human. These decisions, based on an impulse or a feeling, often lead us to those perfect moments when it feels great to be alive.

“The Beauty of the Irrational” follows Ryan Sandes, a South African Ultra-Runner, as he returns to the Fish River Canyon to run the 5 day, 84km, Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail in the fastest time possible.
He completed the run, self-supported, in amazing time of 6h57min!

Big Little World - 0 fotos

Projects that keep me busy:Camara compacta (ES) Tus Alimentos (ES).
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